The various sites offered within the DockNYC network are located on one of the busiest waterways in the world and also one of the largest harbors on the East Coast.

DockNYC in partnership with NYCEDC operates and manages eleven (11) waterfront sites as part of the city’s program to activate and better utilize these key assets. The mission was to develop “transportation, maritime operations, recreation, educational, commercial, non-profit, historic, and cultural related opportunities” at the piers.  The program choice of DockNYC, now the single point of contact, allows for increased efficiency in accommodating the demand for berth space for transportation, maritime operations, recreation, educational, not-for-profit, historic, and cultural related waterfront activities.  The diversity of the berth locations managed by DockNYC can accommodate a wide variety of uses, included, but not limited to tug & barge operators, excursion operators, recreational vessel owners, cultural, historic, educational ships, mega yachts, naval vessels, cargo ships and sportboats.

Previously, the public permitting process for all these sites was complicated, cumbersome, and time consuming for potential tenants and operators.  Now, within the current partnership agreement, DockNYC is able to streamline the licensing and other administrative functions necessary to expedite access to these locations and provide greater potential for more local economic development and programming.

The eleven (11) DockNYC locations are situated on both the western and eastern sides of Manhattan, the western shoreline of Brooklyn, and the eastern coast of Staten Island.  By utilizing select DockNYC locations as their permanent base of operations, numerous tenants have been able to establish successful, revenue generating businesses without the worry or hassle of having to “pick up and move” whenever a birthing conflict develops.